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The Kent Archaeological Review (KAR)

A 3-times-a-year journal dealing with current archaeological activity in Kent. It contains reports on discoveries, excavations, the work of archaeological groups, news items, details of meetings and conferences, various features and articles, letters and illustrations.

It is essential reading for all libraries, societies and individuals with an interest in Kentish archaeology. It was first published in April 1965 and many of the back numbers are still available.

(Issues 1 to 30 are no longer available, but many articles from those early days are now available on-line.)

NEW: You can now search for previous KAR articles by keyword(s)

The Editor invites contributions for the KAR on all matters relating to Kentish archaeology and history. Whilst no guarantee can be given that all material will be published, all contributions will be carefully considered.

Index of the KAR contents since the start of publication in 1965.

Contents of the current (AUTUMN 2014) issue of the Kent Archaeological Review—number 193.
101. MBE For CKA Chairman.  
102-109. The Preservation of the Roman Wall Plaster in the Roman Painted House, Dover. Dr Brian Philp.
109-110. The Discovery of a Roman Farmstead at Downe Kent.  
111-112. Mick Ashton, Time Team Hero Passes on.  
112. An Anglo-Norman Pitcher. Gerald B Clewley.
113. In the Shadow of Charles Dawson? Dr Brian Philp.
114. Changes (or Goodbye) at English Heritage.  
114-115. Letter to the Editor.  
116. The Long Man of Wilmington.  
117-119. Items of Interest. Jim Preston.
120-123. Items of News. Dana Adler.
123-126. Three Books Mark Society's Jubilee.  
126-127. The MAPS Chaps. Dana Adler.
127. Note from the Editor.  
128. Friends of the CKA.  
PHOTO: An Anglo-Norman Pitcher from Dover. Drawn by Gerald Clewley.

Issue number 194 of the Review will be published in March 2014.

Contributions for this issue must be sent to the editor not later than 10th January 2014.

How to Subscribe to this quarterly journal dealing with current archaeological activity mainly in Kent:

Send name, address and remittance (cheque payable to CKA) to:
Subscriptions Secretary, CKA, Roman House, New Street, Dover CT17 9AJ.

  • One year  £4.00 (including postage). (Overseas £7.00)
  • Two years £8.00 (including postage). (Overseas £14.00)

Note: you may wish to become a Friend of the CKA, in which case the cost of the KAR will be included in the subscription.

There are now two printed indexes available, covering all entries in KAR numbers 1 to 190:

  • Part 1 - covering numbers 1 to 140, is the Audrey Button Consolidated Directory, published in 2000 in her memory.
  • Part 2 - covering numbers 141-190, is the Trevor Woodman Consolidated Directory, published in 2013 in his memory.

Each directory is available for £2 each (postage £1), or £3 for both (postage £1) from The Roman Painted House, New Street, Dover, Kent, CT17 9AJ (cheques payable to 'CKA').

Bound Volumes of the Kent Archaeological Review.

Case-bound volumes of KAR in blocks of ten issues, in maroon binding with elegant gold blocking on the spine are available from the address below, or may be obtained at conferences.

  • Volume 3; (KAR Numbers 21-30);
  • Volumes 7 & 8; (KAR Numbers 61-70, and 71-80) all priced at £6.00 each;
  • Volumes 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18; (KAR Numbers 101-110, 111-120, 121-130, 131-140, 141-150, 151-160, 161-170, 171-180), are priced at £8.00 each.

Please add 20% to cover postage and packing. Cheques payable to CKA.

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